Thursday, January 22, 2009

Unifying RDF Stores

In June I will be speaking at The Semantic Technology Conference with Paul Gearon about some of the integration work we did with Sesame and Mulgara. We will also be comparing a hand full of existing RDF stores and demonstrate how they can be used interchangeably or as a unified federation.

The RDF storage market has become much more divers recently, with many providers tailoring to specific environments and data patterns. This talk will cover some considerations to help you identify what RDF store implementation is best for your data and environment. We will discuss common features found with many providers, unique features found in only a few, and demonstrate some of the new features in Mulgara. We will also be demonstrating a unified RDF API to allow RDF stores to be swapped into applications post-development and how using a provider independent API enables divers RDF storage nodes to be federated together, allowing each node to be tailored to the unique shape of the data being stored within.

Hope to see you there!

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