Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Speaking at Toronto's JUG

I will be giving a talk entitled "Modelling Objects in RDF" next week at Toronto's Java User Group. If you are in the city, please come by and introduce yourself.

Today's most used database model is the relational model. However, in today's high performance web-centric world, the relational database has begun to show its age. This talk introduces the Resource Description Framework (RDF) as an alternative database model. RDF is a family of standards to model properties and relationships between resources in a web-centric way. Unlike the relational model, which stores strictly defined records, an RDF model stores semi-structured graphs. This allows RDF stores to model more complex relationships, scale better across the web, and tolerate schema variations for compatibility.

Object-oriented design is the preferred paradigm for modelling complex software; however, most RDF APIs are tuple-oriented and lack some of the fundamental concepts in object-oriented programming. This talk introduces Sesame and how it can be used with RDF resources using object-oriented designs.

Event details can be found here:


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