Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Panel: Linked Open Data

The SemTech 2009 Videos have been posted, including the Linked Open Data Panel.

The "data commons" is a cornerstone of the semantic web vision. The Linked and Open Data movements are progressing beyond the early adopter phase and preparing to cross the chasm. Enough experience now exists to reflect on how this data set is being used, how useful it is, and where we can take it from here. Beyond the basics, the panel will discuss issues such as quality of service, stability, and longevity. They'll also explore the evolution of the semantic web with a particular emphasis on modes of data use, reuse and aggregation.

Paul Miller, The Cloud of Data
Jamie Taylor, Metaweb Technologies, Inc.
Leigh Dodds, Talis
James Leigh, James Leigh Services, Inc.
Kingsley Idehen, OpenLink Software, Inc.
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